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Our Luxury Loo Calculator

Loos are an essential part of any outdoor event, so it is important to ensure you have adequate toilet facilities to minimise queue and ensure that the loos can cope with the number of guests attending.

Standard and Luxury Toilet Hire

The number of guests will ultimately determine the number of loos you will require. Take a look at the Calculator above to get a better idea of how many you require and if you’re still not sure don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Important Factors to consider

The duration your event is running for. Alcohol and fluid/food consumption- is everyone eating and drinking at the same time? Male/Female Ratio- Is the unit only available for short intervals/breaks? this could cause longer queus. Additional time should be given to children, elderly and disabled. Is there overnight camping? Campers often use the loos sink facility to brush their teeth.

Any of the above may result in additional toilets required.

Public Events

For events licensed for public entertainment please agree toilet facilities with the local authority.

Further things to consider

It is good to consider several other aspects when booking a loo from us such as: Access, Location, Type of loos, Lighting, Power, Water supply, Signage, Security. As a general rule- 1 disabled toilet is needed per 2,000 people to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act. Private events however do not legally require a disabled toilet unless you are aware of any guests with specific needs. Further independent advice on minimal scale for loos for public entertainment can be found on- The Purple Guide to Event Management. Out of hours delivery/servicing/collection if required. We can also deliver and collect the same say if needed. Whether you will need to arrange an toilet attendant for your event. Padlocks/Cable ties for the standard tardi box toilets to prevent instruders and the doors blowing about. Servicing during the event (emptying the toilet, replenishing consumables and cleaning the loos). Lights for standard box toilets- small battery operated lights are available and will last 1-3 hours. You will also need to consider taking out Damage Waiver Cover.