Deluxe Luxury Toilets

Our Deluxe Luxury Toilet offerings provide you with an alternative and more impactful option. The range consists of a variety of options from our Four Seasons Units to our modern Black Night Units.

Our Toilet Units

Four Seasons Luxury Toilet Unit

The 2+2 toilet unit comprises of 4 individual toilets and wash hand basins and each individual toilet has their own set of metal steps and hand rails leading up into the toilets. This unit can be marked up as all ladies/all gents or a combination of both. (there are 2 individual toilets on each side of the toilet making 4 in total).


  • Soap, hand gel, toilet tissue and hand towel in dispensers
  • Flushing Toilets
  • Attractive Decor


Individual toilets are ideal for separating guests/customers for the covid 19 pandemic regulations. The toilet unit is totally self-contained and only needs a connection into a generator or electric hook up.

Overall Dimensions

Length 4.6 metres long, Width 3.2 metres wide including steps, Height 2.9 metres 


Black Night Luxury Toilet Unit

This toilet unit comprises of 3 ladies’ toilets, 2 sinks, mirrors and in the men’s, there is 2 urinals and 1 toilet and 2 sinks. The toilet unit is totally self-contained only requiring connection to a generator or an electric hook up.


  • Attractive fixtures and fittings
  • Colour changing LED fibre optic ceiling lights
  • Air Conditioning
  • Heaters
  • Fully flushing toilets


It will be left setup and with a supply of toilet tissue, hand towel, soap and hand gel in dispensers

Overall Dimensions

Length 7.1 metres long including tow bar, Width 2.3 metres – add on 1 x extra metre for the steps etc, Height 2.9 metres

Luxury Tipi Toilet Unit

The tipi coloured exterior of these toilets are colour matched with the tipi-hire option itself to make everything look in keeping with one another.


3+1 Toilet-

In the Ladies 3+1 Toilet units there are three ladies toilets with a further two wash hand basins. In the Mens 3+1 Toilet units there are three urinals, one mens toilet and one wash hand basin.

2+1 Toilet-

In the Ladies 2+1 Toilet units there are two ladies toilets with one wash hand basins. In the Mens 2+1 Toilet units there is one urinal, one mens toilet and one wash hand basin


The tipi toilets are the perfect solution for your outdoor events, especially when utilising our Tipi hire service. Contact us to find out further about our bespoke packages.